Your students dream of becoming a Michelin star chef. In these two documentaries, Michelin Stars -- Tales From the Kitchen and Constructing Albert, from Juno Films your students will have the opportunity to learn about what it takes to become a Michelin starred chef or open a Michelin star restaurant from those who have earned one (or more). 

Michelin Stars - Tales From the Kitchen 

Michelin StarsAll chefs dream of a Michelin star, and those who have one (or more), work tirelessly to keep this distinction. Michelin Stars goes behind the scenes to see how the stars are awarded, to talk to the chefs who work tirelessly to maintain their status, and the impact of the little red book on the world of haute cuisine. The film is a is a thoughtful and elegant meditation on creativity, business, and the art of perfection, chronicling the inner-workings of the culinary world through the eyes of the chefs, the critics and their customers. Featuring Alain Ducasse, Daniel Humm, René Redzepi, Andoni Aduriz, Yoshihiro Narisawa, Victor Arquinzoniz, Guy Savoy and many others.

Reviews: "Michelin Stars may very well add to that body of knowledge, and even give us an intimate glance at the inner-most thoughts of the featured chefs—in the trailer Daniel Humm, whose Eleven Madison Park was voted the best restaurant in the world this year, even admits, “Michelin three stars, it is something that you don’t even try to dream of.” Food and Wine

"'d think trying to get a Michelin star was a matter of life or death wrapped inside a nervous breakdown presented with a generous handful of dread. And it kind of is!" Esquire

Director: Rasmus Dinesen * Run time: 82 minutes * Genre: Documentary * Year: 2017 * Language: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese with English subtitles

 Constructing Albert

At the dawn of the 21st century, elBulli restaurant revolutionized the world of gastronomy, making chef Ferran Adrià the king of haute cuisine. Behind such a success, was an unrecognized creative genius: Ferran's younger brother, Albert. In 2013, Albert Adrià was considered the world's most underrated chef. Enigma, the crown of his gastronomic empire opens with a clear goal: to become one of the best restaurants in the world. This is Albert's attempt to escape the shadow of legendary elBulli and enter the Pantheon of great chefs.

Subjects: Culinary Studies, Business

 Directors: Jim Loomis and Laura Collado
Length: 87 mins.
Genre: Documentary
Type: Color
Year: 2016
Language: Spanish with English subtitles

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