We voluntarily share information on our Facebook walls, and by signing their Terms of Service, we have voluntarily allowed Facebook to use this information for whatever the company finds useful.

But we know very little about Facebook; how it controls the world’s biggest public space for discourse, how and why it censors pages, how they commercialize our personal data, how and why they keep the data, even when we as users, have deleted it.

This film investigates the paradox of a social media that promotes openness, transparency which encourages all of us to share but which as a company, reveals little of itself to the 1.4 billion people who use its services daily. It generates mistrust. 3 out of 4 people think it is impossible to trust companies when it comes to use of their personal data. Transparency and accountability are key parameters when it comes to public trust.

This film reveals how Facebook behaves within these parameters, meeting people who have crossed the invisible lines controlled by Facebook. It is a journey into the unknown land of “Facebookistan”.