MonaLisa’s days were like most people’s: She would take care of her kids, cook meals for her family and spend time at the playground with them. She would go to work as a teacher and she loves music. But one day all that changes.

She sinks into a deep depression, loses the will to live and starts self-medicating… with heroin. Her world falls apart. She loses everything she holds dear, including her children.

How could things deteriorate like this? Why? Early memories churn and burn inside her. MonaLisa was born high. She was taken away from her parents and put into an institution.

Her only option is to break free from the past once and for all, but the pull of the drug that takes away all her pain is too strong. After years of drug abuse, she meets Fredrik, another soul marked by his background. They decide to put their faith in love, to fight their addiction and to make their dreams come true.

We closely follow the ups and downs in MonaLisa’s life over the course of eight years. The result is a poignant and unique tale of a different kind of reality in our midst. It is an ode to love, a mournful blues and an honest portrait hat will draw you in and deeply touch your heart.

Subjects: Drugs and Addiction, Psychology and Human Behavior

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Director & Producer: Jessica Nettelbladt
Produced by: Lejoni Production AB in association with Magic Hour Film & True Fiction in collaboration with SVT, DR TV & NRK
Duration: 58 min
Year of Production: 2015
Original Title: MonaLisa Story – En film om