Comedy about working class family. The husband returns from the war to find his children grown up and his wife too friendly with the lodger. Diana Dors is the daughter who teaches her father how to jitterbug.   My Wife’s Lodger finds hapless soldier Willie Higginbottom (Dominic Roche) hoping for a hero’s welcome when he returns home after the war. But, while he was away, shifty spiv Roger the Lodger (Leslie Dwyer) got his arms around his wife and his feet under the table, and now Willie’s ditzy daughter (Diana Dors) only wants to sing, dance and jitterbug!

35mm, black and white
Year: 1952
Duration: 76 mins
Directed by Maurice Elvey
Production Company: Adelphi Films
Produced by David Dent
Screenplay by Dominic Roche, Stafford Dickens
Original play: Dominic Roche
Photography: Phil Grindrod
Music under the direction of Francis Essex
Cast: Dominic Roche (Willie Higginbotham); Olive Sloane (Maggie Higginbotham); Diana Dors (Eunice Higginbotham); Leslie Dwyer (Roger, the lodger); Wally Patch (sergeant); Alan Sedgwick (Tex)