Ni Sisi portrays a typical Kenyan community: a harmonious muddle of tribes, intermarriages, and extended families who have lived and worked together all their lives. Then one day rumors begin to spread and suddenly mistrust takes hold. People are identified as belonging to a different tribe rather than by their identity as a person. With mistrust comes a sense of threat and fear, and old friends now turn on each other. In a matter of days, the bonds and alliances are severed just as it did in reality in 2008. They find themselves plunging into chaos, and it seems unstoppable and brutal. Is it possible to learn from old mistakes and has a once peaceful community another chance?


International Film Festival Rotterdam 2014: Audience Award

African Movie Academy Awards 2014: Nominated in four categories, won Best Costume Design

Zanzibar International Film Festival 2013: Silver Dhow Signis Award

Cines Del Sur 2014: Audience Award

Kalasha International Awards 2014: Best Sound Mixing

New York African Film Festival 2014

Subjects: African Cinema, African Studies, World Cinema

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YEAR: 2013
GENRE: Feature Film – Drama
DURATION: 92 min.
DIRECTOR: Nick Reding
WRITER: Nick Reding
CAST:Ednah Daisy, Peter Paul Kades, Peter King, Ali Mohammed Mlatso, Triza Musimbi, Godefrey Ojiambo Muyungi, Doreen Mwaljuma, Umi Rajab, Krysteen Savane, Jacky Vike, Irungu Wairimu, Joseph Wairimu, Mercy Waijiru