Since the dawn of time, the people of Kalsaka, a small village in the African country of Burkina Faso, have lived off the gold provided by their local mine. All of this ended with the arrival of a multinational mining corporation, which expropriated local landowners and exploited the natural resources, leaving the local people with nothing. NO GOLD FOR KALSAKA follows the main protagonist, Jean-Baptiste, in a community that is trying to survive and claim back its dignity, as it battles the injustices inflicted upon it.

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Subjects: African Studies, African Cinema, World Cinema

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ORIGINAL TITLE: No Gold for Kalsaka
YEAR: 2019
GENRE: Documentary
DURATION: 80 min.
ORIGINAL LANGUAGE: mooré, french
COUNTRY: Burkina Faso, Germany
DIRECTOR: Michel K. Zongo
WRITER: Michel K. Zongo
PRODUCTION: Diam Production, Film Five GmbH