Hot DocsThe fate of refugees to the US has been the subject of media headlines since Trump's inauguration and the implementation of his highly contested travel ban. This cinema vérité style documentary follows the Kalajis—originally from the besieged city of Aleppo —allowing for a peek into the lives of those who seek a new life in America. The viewer becomes immersed in this family’s journey as they travel from Jordan to their new home of Philadelphia. 
Upon their arrival in January 2017, they seem lucky: They are among the last refugees to make it into the United States before Trump’s travel ban is implemented. But their private victory over public policy is bittersweet, as their eldest daughter, Ju-Ju, is pregnant and has been left behind. When they realize they have only three months of financial aid from a refugee resettlement organization before they must be financially self-sufficient, another harsh reality sets in: They could be displaced and dispossessed all over again.

Subjects: Political ScienceSocial Studies

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Distributor: Juno Films
Director: Tanaz Eshaghian
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 40 min
Year: 2018
Language: Arabic with English Subtitles