What has it been to be part of the seismic social change in the first OUT generation of gay men? How did we get here? How do we stay here? From the love-that-dared-not-speak its name to Freedom to Marry? Wild and precious! Filmed on the Cadwell family farm in Vermont, Steve’s original song cycles through the seasons as the story cycles through a spectrum of our disorders to new order and beyond. Come on this wild and precious journey and keep questing for more.

Steve Cadwell is a writer, performer, and a senior psychotherapist who heals our trauma as he tends to his own. In addition to teaching about gender, sexuality, shame, and group therapy in the ”theaters” of BU Graduate School of Social Work and Harvard Medical School, Steve has practiced psychotherapy the past 40 years. To practice is a messy, engrossing, enriching process; not perfection.   In this filmSteve has queered the roles of examiner & examined/healer & healed using the trans-formative power of The Polymorphous/Jolly-More-For-Us in all that is Wild & Precious.

Subjects: Gender and Sexuality, LGBTQ

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